Tarot Results

I came across a podcast from one of my favorite web tarot resources, Biddy Tarot. If you are interested in learning tarot or even get your own reading, check out her website. It’s a wealth of tarot information. The podcast that I mentioned is Biddy Tarot’s Find Your Soul Mate podcast. Being myself and wanting to find love so bad, of course I decided that I would go through the questions that were asked during the podcast.

What do I truly seek in a relationship?
The Hermit
Truth. Introverted. Spiritual.

Who would make a perfect partner for me?
The Hanged Man
Non-impulsive, spiritual, patient partner.

“What needs to happen before I find love?”
King of Wands
Setting long term creative goals and making it happen. Leading life with intent.

“What signs will I see when I have found the right partner?”
Ten of Wands
When not feeling overstimulated, overtired and overworked. I need to be in a place of not focusing so much on work.

“What do I need to do to find the right relationship?”
The Chariot
Being confidence. Get through the struggle and it’ll make me stronger. Be assertive and be bold. Be yourself and believe in what you stand for.

Weekly or Monthly Love Forecast
April – Nine of Wands – To quote Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”
May – Nine of Cups – Live in the moment, indulge, be grateful of what you have.
June – Devil – Being dependent. Or over indulging in addictions.

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