Tarot: March 2016 Evaluation

March: XX Karma (Judgement),
Absolution, Inner Calling, Positive Changes, Rebirth, Renewal

At work it’s a new chapter. Things are changing and it is stressful to say the least, but I do feel like it’s heading into a positive and growing direction. During my vacation, I actually caught myself thinking about this card for this month. And A lot of thoughts of the past and my past relationships got stirred up. I realize no matter what the relationship is, that it is over. And even if there might be still love there, it’s done. And you must wish them good luck and hope for the best, and move on. And to be completely honest, in the city of sin, there was a lot of soul searching and resolution on certain things that have come up in my life the past couple years. And even with chapters ending and new ones beginning, I made a vow that I would never put myself in situation or a relationship where I will feel dishonesty, manipulation, and negativity. So going forward, I need to remind myself of that. Does this relationship or rather the other person or myself feel dishonest? Is there manipulation? Is there a negativity? If any of these come back with a yes, it’s time to back off and move on to new things. I feel good about my progress, and each step I take, it gets so much better and better.

The deck used is the Witches Tarot. Definitions and meanings of the cards were found by Witches Tarot and Biddy Tarot

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