Las Vegas: The Arrival

I had to work on Monday, then would be driving to a halfway point to Salt Lake City, where my friends live on Tuesday morning. So Monday night I packed all my stuff and wanted to dye my hair. I tried a new color (which I’m in love with and will be dying again), so I was excited. I had a cocktail and decided to relax have some dinner. Then perhaps another cocktail was in order. I was technically on vacation… why not?! Then I dyed my hair, which turned out spectacular. It was a box hair dye of L’Oreal Feria Violet Noir. OMG. GORGEOUS. So after I applied the dye as carefully as I could (which I was surprised how I didn’t drip it on myself at all), I had to wait for the dye to set. One more cocktail… my reasoning was I don’t have to work tomorrow. Then I washed my hair out, then put it in a sleep hair do. Those are the best, you sleep on them and wake up and you’re ready to go! After I did that, I convinced myself one more cocktail would be a good night cap. Little did I know, that that last cocktail would be a HUGE mistake.

Tuesday morning, I wake up bright and early. I’m a little hungover but nothing I couldn’t handle. I got all my gear packed up. Got my Red Bull and started on the road. I was feeling pretty OK. I was excited. Ready to get the Salt Lake and even more ready to be in Vegas. So I drove.


About a hour into my drive, something started to happen. I mean something inside me started to stir. I blame the Red Bull… and the cocktails from the night before. But you know that gurgling stomach? The kind that you know something is going to happen and it’s going to happen in T-5 minutes at the latest. I started to sweat and panic. I kept doing breathing exercises like I was going into labor. I’ve done this drive a million times it feels like and I knew there was a rest area within 10 minutes. But there weren’t any signs of confirming this. I really started to panic. I’ll admit it… I was going to straight up poop my damn pants. Then the heavens opened up. Like a sign from God, there was a blue sign illuminated in the morning sunshine saying KING HILL REST AREA 5 MILES. I got out of my cruise control and hit the gas. Luckily there wasn’t anyone on the road, really. In the state of Idaho the speed limit on the freeway (not in a metro area) is 80. I was pushing 110 at one point. I was just praying to keep it together. There it was. The rest area dripping gold with the morning’s light. I pulled in, there being maybe a couple people there. I waddled in as fast as I can. Walking into the main entrance, it smelled like the YMCA. It smelled like it was just cleaned. I apologized to the person that just doused this entire place with bleach.  I destroyed that bathroom. And after I was done I was washing my hands feeling so much better, a family came in. I just thought to myself “I’m so sorry…” and I just left. To the good people that have to clean the King Hill rest area or visited that facility that day, I’m so sorry.

I get on the road and am feeling so much better. And the drive after that was pretty pleasurable. Great music and just enjoying the drive. I do like driving long distances, and I actually enjoy driving by myself. I tend to talk to myself and I get a lot of issues off my chest. It’s just nice to have a moment truly to yourself. And being almost 5 hours, it’s a lot of time thinking and singing as loud as you can. It’s not for everyone but it’s nice to have that time.

I stop in Tremonton Utah to gas up. I texted my friend at a previous rest stop on the border of Utah (it wasn’t a King Hill incident!), and I saw her response in Tremonton. She told me to drive careful because Salt Lake was having a ton of snow and was almost like a blizzard. A FUCKING BLIZZARD. I started to freak out. My car is not handled for anything like that. I texted my dad before I went (he likes the updates to know where I am and how I’m doing). And he went over the weather report with me saying that it was going to be above freezing and I shouldn’t have issues with ice. So I drove on, worried on what I was going to find the closer I got to Salt Lake City. Luckily it stopped snowing and it was mostly slush, but that can still be tricky. Not a blizzard at all, but at times it was snowing hard.

My first stop in Salt Lake City, was In-N-Out. A normal person that would have had the morning I had would be most likely against going to a fast food joint. Not I. My state doesn’t and probably will never have an In-N-Out. I’m pretty sure In-N-Out hates Idaho because quite frankly a lot of people (mostly politics) suck in Idaho. Anyways, I stopped there, grabbed some lunch for myself and my friend and drove to my friends house. And once I got there it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. I was starting to get real pissed off. I’m the person that usually loves the snow. But I’m in the mind set of Vegas. During the time we were there the forecast was going to be in the 70s-80s. And coming from Idaho that was 50s to Salt Lake that was in the 30s, I was pissed. So we watched the snow fall.


We were waiting for our other friends that were driving after they got off of work. So we decided to have some cocktails and just enjoy each other’s company. Around 11:30pm, our other friends arrived, and we all promptly went to bed. The next morning’s drive is going to be longer than the drive to Salt Lake. And quite frankly we all needed our beauty sleep.

I didn’t sleep well on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. My stomach was HATING me for eating In-N-Out. And just hating me in general. I knew that this was going to be a running theme for this trip.

Once Wednesday morning came around, I was ready to go. I got into the car with my two friends that live in Salt Lake City, and the other two friends that arrived late the last night drove in a separate car. Knowing that I rarely see my SLC friends, I tried to have as much time with them as possible.

While driving through scenic, snowy Utah, my friends put on the soundtrack Book of Mormon. If you haven’t seen it (which I haven’t) listen the the soundtrack. It is hysterical! So a good portion of the trip was just all of us laughing and singing to it.


And yes, we traveled through the #1 tasting water in the USA, Beaver, Utah. Quite a sight.

I just couldn’t wait to get into the desert. I kept telling my friends that I wanted to be a lizard, spread eagle, sunning on a rock. I was super tired of all this snow and cold. I got a damn spray tan and wanted to work on a real tan. I just needed some warmth! Then after traveling through St. George, we knew we were in the desert.


The beautiful red soil. I’ve never been a fan of Utah, until this trip. And I told myself that I need at some point in my life make a camping trip to southern Utah. It’s gorgeous.


Then we were in Arizona for 10 minutes…


On I-15 S, in Arizona, there is a canyon we drove in and the rock formations were so high, that I had a spiritual moment with it. You feel so insignificant. And just like a speck of dust in the universe. This picture doesn’t do it any justice. Man, it was beautiful.

After we reached Nevada, it was straight desert with a million Joshua trees. Once we eventually reached Las Vegas, my Utah friends had to get liquor. So the best place was Walmart. I also forgot razors, so Walmart was the best bet on getting booze and stuff we forgot to bring. The Las Vegas Walmart was a sight to see!  I mean, Las Vegas in general is EXCELLENT people watching, but go to the Walmart, and there is every walk of life there.

After we got our supplies, it was time to head to the hotel… VIVA LAS VEGAS!


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