Las Vegas: VIVA! Day One

After hours in the car, we finally get to Las Vegas!

Our hotel was the Monte Carlo. And we were greeted with construction. A little weary about it, my friends valeted their car and we proceeded to check in. The hotel lobby is pretty freakin’ nice. So my expectations were already higher because of that. I got checked in and they told me they upgraded my room to be away from construction and view the strip. The group I went with said that we’d meet up after getting settled in, napped, etc.

I went up to my room, and holy hell…


The view was incredible. When I first saw it was in the middle of the day. And honestly the picture does zero justice to it. At the MGM, David Copperfield was performing, so after late nights we had, I would stumble to my room and David Copperfield would just be staring at me.

Once I got into my room, I immediately cracked open my suitcase that was full of mixers and vodka, and promptly made myself a drink. After reading online how expensive everything was, I wasn’t going to pay for a good, strong drink.


Once the driving group (five of us drove, two were flying in) got settled, we decided to get some food. We wanted to explore but couldn’t get too ridiculous because two other people were flying in at 9pm. So the group of girls and myself went down to what is called in the Monte Carlo the “Street of Dreams” (aka street dreams via drunk texting) to meet up with the SLC couple that were happily enjoying happy hour with beers.

Here’s me and my girl getting ready our first night!
Yeah, we cute.

There was a restaurant called the Pub and we quickly got more drinks and nachos. The nachos were SO GOOD. I think just being in a car all day and getting a slight buzz, anything of quality will be amazing. I decided I would pay for the my friends’ drinks that came with me when they were in the bathroom, and after getting the bill, drinks and a fucking plate of nachos was $100. WHAAAA?! I would soon learn out that Las Vegas isn’t for the cheap. It didn’t seem like it was going to be worth it, but damn, in the end it was.

We decided to go wander to the New York New York casino. And that was pretty damn magical. Billy Joel was playing, the slots were ringing, and it was just super surreal. At New York New York, the girls decided to get yard drinks. And OMG, they were fantastic but shit. Those were going to kick my ass.

Wandering around in just complete awe of everything, we decided to move onto another casino. It was the Excalibur. And that was pretty freakin’ magical too! Again, surreal. Like you are in another place. The slot machines and card tables bring you back to reality real quick, but it was so much fun. We did a little gambling here and there. But I was just in complete drunken awe of this place.

My dad, before leaving told me not to get arrested. So I sent him this picture telling him I was arrested:


Please also note where my drank is at… Those things kicked my ass. And not only that my mouth was bright red that night. So I’m thinking I’m hot stuff. NOPE. You like like a kid that’s been mouthing a bright red popsicle all day.And that doesn’t wipe off.

And the security guard wouldn’t do anything that would show that I was getting arrested. He said it was against policy.

After we meandered back to the Monte Carlo, I needed to pass out. I felt super bad, but I didn’t see or attempt to see the friends that flew in. Put a fork in me, I was done. I blame the yard drinks.

The room in Monte Carlo were not super nice, but I can say, the bed was incredible. It might just be my drunk self again, but I slept like a freakin’ rock with David Copperfield staring at me through the night sky.


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