So today I was taking an over the counter payment from a guy. He had his wife or girlfriend there. They had questions on the account. And the guy was super nice and polite and just wanted it taken care of. The wife on the other hand tried to go for my jugular. Afterwards, I was trying to go over the conversation I had and couldn’t really find a reason why she would be that way. I was super professional and explained everything that was going on. I was being straight forward but super professional, nice and understanding their situation. But this has happened before. I couldn’t think of any other reason besides…

I’m not trying to steal your man, I’m just trying to do my job… CHILL.

I wish people would just be secure with themselves in their relationships. Men have to talk to women every day (and vice versa!). And just because a woman (or a man) is being either nice and/or professional, doesn’t mean they are going to be trying to sleep with your significant other.


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