Last Friday, I was driving from work. I have Spotify on my phone and was playing my main playlist. I listened to the song “As You Are” by the Weeknd in the car on the way home. And I was just listening to the lyrics and just thinking “Whatever, so stupid”.

I drive up to my carport, and put my car in park. I remove my phone from the transmitter to my radio, then click to one of my popular radio stations I listen to.

The the radio was playing “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

I sat there listening to that, just kind of soaking everything in, and was asking myself if this was a sign. I mean, I thought it but brushed it off.

The next morning I had to do errands before a party I was going to that evening. And “Somebody to Love” was on again.

I think the universe is understanding my frustration in my love life. And the universe might be trying to get a rise out of me. I just don’t know.

Coincidence? Or a sign?

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