Work has been ridiculous lately.

I’ve been feeling like no one appreciates what I do. It feels like all that I do is “easy” or I’m not doing things right. “You did this wrong” or “You did this and it ACTUALLY was supposed to be this”

Fuck you. You juggle all this shit. I want to see you do it. Please. Go ahead.

Honestly, there are times when I just want to flip everyone off and just leave. It’s so ridiculous.

And with all that, I’m training yet again a new person, who I don’t know will even work out. But I just gotta keep going. I have to have strength and I have to have faith that this will work out.

I just don’t know how much bullshit I have to endure at work. So my countdown till my week off is what keeps playing in my head. 22 days… 22 days… 22 days…

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