Tarot: April 2016 Evaluation

April: Two of Wands
Decisions, Future planning, Prepping for Change, Progress

So I have my tarot cards for this entire year on my calendar at work. At the beginning of the month, I was looking at this card and just being super pessimistic about it. I was thinking that this is irrelevant. And for most of the month, I kept that feeling. This last week or so of the month… holy shit.

A lot of new things are happening within my work that is going to make it better and profitable in the long run. And it feels like puzzle pieces were trying to be put together, then putting them aside and trying again. And it’s starting to fit. There is so much optimism about this new change.

The other day when talking to an employee was a mutual agreement to leave, and they were going to school. They were feeling bad that they couldn’t work the hours that are required. I told them, the universe works in weird ways and good luck for everything. And things and opportunities started to fall in our laps. It’s been strange but wonderful.

I think everyone at the work has really felt this change. The air around the office has become lighter. It’s been really refreshing.

We are ready. We are ready for the future and change.

In my love life I’m really ready to start a relationship. I’m ready for the future. It doesn’t mean it’ll start today or tomorrow, but it’s steps in the right direction. It’s being able to let go of the past and just grow from what has happened. It’s a pretty exciting and scary time. But I’m ready for it.

The deck used is the Witches Tarot. Definitions and meanings of the cards were found by Witches Tarot and Biddy Tarot

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