Amazon is my weakness.

One of my favorite things to do is to save items to my wish list.. I have what seems to be a million different Wish Lists. I’m such a type A in some ways, that I can’t just have one Wish List, I have to have a list for everything. IE-bedroom, yard, books, movies.  And that is my favorite thing to do. Think of something that I either do need, remotely need, just want, or absolutely do not need but really want even though I know it’s going to be a stupid purchase. It’s better than Pinterest because it’s obtainable (Pinterest can be an absolute lie! But I’m still obsessed with it as well).

I’m just really proud of myself that I’m not the “let’s have some cocktails and go through my wishlist and start purchasing things”.

We’ll see how long this last though… Hahahahah!

5 thoughts on “Amazon”

      1. I just ordered from Amazon before I came on here, actually. I needed a flea collar for my dog…and then some Doctor Who books…and…that foot mask I wanted to try. LOL. Yes, I’m a shopaholic. Ha ha.

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