I Just Might Be… I Dunno… Ready?

I’ve been getting a lot of signs lately. It started to really perk me up with every time I was in the car having the radio constantly playing

Somebody to Love by Queen

No seriously. It was every time I got into the car, it would play.I wrote about it the other day, but it keeps happening.  It’s getting borderline creepy.

Then certain events through normal daily interactions would happen. I was starting to get hit on again. I was starting to get the check out stares. It was weird because I haven’t felt that way in awhile.

With all this new found attention and signs everywhere, I was starting to really want companionship. And a lot of times I would say I’m ready but my heart was so hesitant. But I’ve worked out some real truths in my past. The other day I was thinking about resolution in my past. And everything was so crystal clear. To quote Oprah, it was a definite A-HA moment.

My heart and soul is ready and is longing for someone really special to come into my life. It’s really weird for me to put that out there. But it’s totally true. My goal for the rest of the year is to be open. Open to new experiences and to new people. Simply because, you never know who’s right around the corner.

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