Back in the Saddle, I guess

So a lot of has been happening since my time off. Stuff at work and just emotionally, it’s been really draining.

Last week, I had time off of work  (Friday and Monday). On Thursday, coming home from work, I decided to have a dance party and proceeded to get… uh… pretty effin wasted. I just drank and drank.

Again, not having the best of times, but damn, I was having a good night!

I drunkenly decided to get back into the online dating scene, which I’ve been avoiding since the beginning of this year (thanks to this douche bag).  Now to justify my drunkenness, if I didn’t sign up then, I wasn’t going to. So I figured I would splurge and getting a paid online dating site so I knew that these guys would be more serious about finding someone than on a free site.  I got my credit card and chose Match, which I made a free profile back in the day. Instead of leaving it alone for when I sober up, I filled out all of my profile shitfaced. Just rambling. I was telling my girlfriends about it a couple days later, and they kept asking me “What did you write?” And to be honest, it was a bunch of drunk ramblings and it’s just not how I would want to present myself. Nothing embarrassing but it was just sloppy. I uploaded some old pictures, and decided that the next week, I needed to get more current pictures of myself.

After recovering from that night, I signed back in and quickly rewrote my profile to make it sassy, funny, and cute. And I got some cute pictures to go up on there.

Eagerly, I waited.

And waited.

Then I started getting “winks” and “likes” and “favorites”. Now, the last site I used was OKCupid, which I actually really enjoyed the format of it. So these new things on Match I’m still getting used to. So I was flattered, naturally. And there is a section where it says “Interested” which means that the person is interested in you. So I messaged. And messaged. And messaged. Nothing long but would comment on what was on their profile, or picture or whatever! I don’t hold back but introducing myself and asking what their name was.

After being on the site for a week, I’ve only had interaction with one guy and it was two messages. (Which the interaction was an interview and a total turn off). A million winks, likes, whatever, but they won’t fucking talk to me. What the fuck gives, dude?

Now I’m in the boat where I just wasted my fucking money and douche schnozzles that just want to look at pictures and not get to know me? What the fuck ever.

I liked OKCupid because there wasn’t the bells and whistles it was you talk to me or not. And with this it’s just avoiding the whole interaction point of getting to know a person. It’s disturbing and actually really fucking sad. To be completely honest, I’m kinda bummed I went with Match. It hasn’t worked out at all. But I’m committed for some months and I’ll go along with the process but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

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