During my time away, I’ve, let’s be honest, really let myself go. I’ve always enjoyed eating and being a slug. But things got a bit out of hand.

My coworker was telling me how they got a Fitbit and how they really enjoyed having it. Intrigued, I decided to purchase one and see how that goes.

Well, the verdict is in… I LOVE IT.

I think if you are interested in losing weight or just want to get a good base on what you’re doing, having a Fitbit or something of the like is a good way to go.

At work, I am sitting most of the day. I’m at a computer and typing most of my day. And my Fitbit has showed me how completely inactive I was.

The American Heart Association (along with my Fitbit app) said you should have 10,000 steps a day. When I first tried and recorded, I went all out. I walked from my house to Downtown to meet up with friends. It wasn’t a normal thing I would do. But the first day I got about 11,000 steps. I was so proud, and so was Fitbit. Little did it know what was to come. The next day, being hungover, my steps were around 2,000 steps. Which during my time off felt like how I would spend most of my days off. It was disturbing, really.

So I’ve set my limit to 5,000 as a goal for the last month and have, for the most part, over succeeded that. I feel so much better, my mind feels so much clearer. And now I’m setting it up to be 6,000 goal. I’m hoping by the end of September or in October I’ll be going the minimum of 10,000. I can do it! I know I can!

With all this that is going on, it’s making me feel responsible and much more active. I’m even getting to the point of wanting to workout in the morning and get some steps in. Being competitive, I love this Fitbit program.

If you are not sure or have been curious about it, I would suggest investing in it. The app has a lot of different tracking aspects to it. You can track your food intake, water intake, exercise, and miles you’ve walked in a day. It’s been really rewarding for me and I would recommend it to anyone, whether they are looking to lose weight, or whatever. It’s nice to see what you’re doing and if you slacked a day, you can make it up and actually see the progress.

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