For the best couple months, I kept having migraines. Normally, I would get a migraine once every three months and it would be just a bad headache.

But the ones I kept getting were debilitating. I walked into work and couldn’t work because my head hurt so bad and I was so nauseous. After looking up different things, I pin pointed what possible triggers I had. The usual suspects: PMS, alcohol, poor diet… but one stood out to me the most. Aspartame.

Once I’ve cut out all aspartame in my diet, my migraines have stopped.

I had one morning, after a night a drinking and I felt like a migraine was coming on. Upset and accepting that it just might be alcohol, it never hit. I was waiting for a week for it to be full blown and it never came.

Weight loss right now is very important to me, and thinking that I have to change a lot of what I was doing because of aspartame, I thought I would have a hard time. But I found that flavored sparkling water has been my best friend through this whole process. It’s not sweet (what I miss) but it has natural flavoring and the bubbles that make it a good substitute for Diet Coke.

My belly bloat has been demolished. And even eating a large meal (in the past I would be bloated for two days) the bloat is gone within 30 minutes. It’s been truly incredible.

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