Over the last week, I’ve had the strangest dreams.

These dreams ranged from…

*Giving up twins when I was 15 (Did I mention that I have never had kids?) and wanting them back because at 29 I’m finally stable and able to take care of them

*Being 8 months pregnant and waddling around (Did I mention I’ve never had kids?)

*In a relationship with my ex boyfriend and wanting to start a life together like we used to talk about

*In a full on, super serious relationship with a friend (that in real life we used to have a fling and now are just friends)

After looking up the dream dictionary, I couldn’t find anything that would make sense on what was going on in my life. I’ve been reading several books about spirituality and something really stood out to me. Moon Phases. During the week of all these weird dreams was a waning moon. And a waning moon is when the moon is coming from a full moon to a new moon. At this time in the waning phase, you should focus on releasing any and all negativity. Which is interesting… for the fact that before these dreams started happening, I had a full on panic attack.

The panic attack was triggered from everything from the friends I had lost back in April/May to being alone to seeing how others are treating me to family to work to every little stress that is going on in my world that I haven’t had the time to actually breathe and process.

I find all these dreams so interesting because at one time or another I had visions or aspirations of some part of these dreams. Having twins, being a mom, being with my ex, imagining if I took things to become more serious with that friend…. My subconscious and just me in general let them go. In those dreams, I lived out a fantasy in a way where perhaps in some alternative universe it’s playing out how I wanted. And the more I’m typing it out the more it’s becoming even more clear…

Perhaps it was a way of me letting go.
And to stop expecting how my life should end up.

I relived that little part of me and it left. It’s like a tumor has been removed from my soul.

And to be completely honest with you, I think something life changing is going to happen to me soon. My intuition is feeling like something, not sure if it’s good or bad, but something is going to happen that will affect on the track I’m on right now. It’s exciting and nerve racking. Like in a line for a roller coaster… trying to tell yourself “Just don’t vomit”

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