This past weekend, I changed plans and decided to get out of town and go spend time out in the mountains at my family’s cabin.

When I was about 5 minutes away from the cabin, in the road were two does. They looked at me and ran off. I had a huge smile. A deer can symbolize that there has been negativity and you are seeking out safety. I knew after seeing them, I needed to be where I was.

The first night was pretty low-key. Just relaxed.

The next morning, my dog Kota woke me up at 5am to go outside. She gets pretty excited up there and just wants to go outside and smell all the smells. But come one, 5am? Really, Kota?! So disgruntled I got on some clothes and walked to the door. I put on her leash and she is legitimately spazzing out. I open the door swearing under my breath, and she starts to freak out even more. Outside was a huge elk. Just hanging out. I was in shock. I opened the door and he ran off, and four other females came out of what seems to be no where and followed him up the road and out of sight.

Once Kota was done smelling everything and going to the bathroom, I come back inside and go to sleep.

I woke up and greeted my parents. We were talking about current events on what was going on, and all of a sudden the cabin seemed to shake from thunder. I sat outside and watched the rain roll in and the thunder roar. I kept praying to myself to wash all these awful feelings and thoughts. Have this storm renew myself, have this storm be my symbol of my life. A storm can be violent and unforgiving, but a storm has to end. And it washes the earth and makes it appear like no one has ever touched the land afterwards.

Once the storm stopped, I proceeded to go fishing. Didn’t catch a thing. But all I could think of was that storm and how much better I felt with that prayer, that mantra, whatever you would call it. I felt cleansed.

We ended up relaxing for the night.

Once it was about time I was going to go to bed, I took Kota outside. It was pitch dark. I looked up in the sky and the stars were so bright and vibrant that it felt as though you could catch them like fireflies. The cloudiness of the galaxy, I couldn’t remember the last time I was up there and got to look at the stars so clear. In awe and looking at the sky, Kota sat next to me. And there was a shooting star. So naturally I made a wish. “Please let me love” was the first thing out of my mouth.

I just gotta say that trip was much needed and my spirit feels completely refreshed.

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