The Best

I know that I’ve found a keeper…

On Monday, I had such a shitty day. I had to write up and truly reprimand as a manager for the first time (which it didn’t go over too well… she ended up quitting). So I got home and my guy was at my house waiting for me to get home. He let me vent and held me about my shitty day, then we ended up eating dinner together. Then he turned on Catfish. Which was amazing. He complains about the show but I think I’m turning him to the dark side! Then 90 Day Fiance mini-marathon came on, and he watched it with me. And he’ll never admit it but got super sucked into it.

Gaaaaa, I feel so lucky to have a guy that actually fucking cares. I honestly have never had a relationship where a guy listened and was considerate about what was going on at work. All I’ve ever had was “Leave work at work” or “Let’s talk about something else”. He’s emotionally supportive of me and I’m just loving it.

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