Christmas Music!

Every year, our local lite FM radio station plays Christmas music for the entire holiday season. Some years, it starts more annoyingly earlier than others. This whole “contest” started in 2010. ‘Cause I mean, what else are you going to do for fun in a windowless room while working?

The dates are as follows:
2015   11.20.15
2014   11.14.14
2013   11.16.13
2012   11.10.12
2011   11.14.11
2010   11.19.10

My guess this year was on the 11th. But where I live the weather has been freakishly warm… Global warming isn’t real? Anyways, my guess for when the Christmas music is going to start this year is on the 18th or the 19th. I think this year, everyone needs the holidays to come. 

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