My boyfriend told me that growing up his mom would make him Jello popcorn balls around Christmas. I kept that little tidbit in the back of my mind months ago….

Being the awesome person I am, last night I decided to make my boyfriend and I some popcorn balls. I planned on putting my ornaments up with him and thought that would be pretty damn special if I made these things from his childhood. Brownie points…. 🙂

I went on Pinterest (I mean… where else would I find to make these?), and found a recipe. It’s basically making Rice Krispies treats but with a packet of Jello. So you melt butter and marshmallows together, dissolve a packet of Jello in the marshmallow wonderfulness mixture, toss popped popcorn then create balls. Easy enough, right?

Found out, or rather remembered fairly quickly after tossing the popcorn how incredibly sticky it was to form balls. Let’s just say the first five minutes of this was absolutely ridiculous and I’m glad no one was there to witness this really sad scene. My arms were flapping and fingers waggling trying to get this goo off, then my dog is staring with stars and hearts in her eyes waiting to see if she can get any. After rinsing my hands, I figured out the keeping your hands wet you can form those little bastard balls so quickly and no stickiness. Huzzah!

When my boyfriend came in to my house, the first thing he said was “It smells like you’ve been making popcorn!” then I’m maniacally smiling thinking he’s going to freak out once he sees what I’ve done. I’m like “Not quite, you should check out the kitchen!”

He took one look at my popcorn ball extravaganza, and was so happy! Then he asked what was in it, after explaining the Rice Krispies/popcorn ball similarities then saying how I remembered him talking about his mom, he causally said “yeah…. but my mom didn’t make them with marshmallows” I was kind bummed out. “Balls” He ended up liking them and ate a couple.

But with all that is said and done, I highly suggest making them. I put Strawberry Jello thinking it was going to turn a festive red for Christmas and ended up a bright pink. I may have not got what outcome or made what I was meaning to make (I’ll do it one day, he gave me an breakdown of how to do it), but the popcorn balls taste like Captain Crunch berries. Legit.

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