December Challenge

Ever since it’s gotten cold, I’ve been SUPER lacking on my walks. So I decided that for the month of December, I had to get back on track with walking on my breaks, at least. And hopefully by January get back to the amount of steps I was walking and adding on some elliptical on top of it.

Also, another many bad habits I’ve been doing, I’ve gotten into drinking pop. I cut wayyyyy back when I figured out that my migraines were being caused by aspartame. So I haven’t had a sip of Diet Coke in many moons. But Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola on the other hand…. EEEEP. Luckily, the intake isn’t as astronomical as I was with Diet Cokes. But still, I don’t want to get to that point of constantly drinking sugary drinks like that. Water it is! And if I’m needing something that has some taste… sparkling water it is! Vodka is OK since my drinks are mixed with coconut or lime sparkling water.

So I decided that December is no pop month and walking at breaks at work.

I gotta get ready for my dry January, where I won’t be drinking any alcohol for next month. I’m gonna need my pop then. Hahahah!

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