Work In Progress

After my A Little… Not Really… Rant, I decided that instead of waiting for people to contact me, that I would take the initiative. This past weekend, I barely saw my man and spent a lot of time with friends. It was super nice to see everyone and I need to do that more often. It’s also so interesting to be in a relationship and the friends that are in relationships want to discuss theirs. I mean, sure, they’ve talked to me before about their significant other, but it’s like I joined the club. It’s an interesting new dynamic, for sure. But it’s great to hear all my friends are doing well and are in great relationships, that are heading towards new adventures and new chapters for them. I don’t want to miss out on my friends lives and happiness! For one of my New Years Resolution is to make time for everyone. Family, friends, lover. I gotta make that happen and have to adjust to a new normal.  However, right now with the holidays and my Mustache Christmas party on Friday, I’m super stressed. I’m glad that I’m taking a time out to reconnect and hang out with friends but the stress is starting to get to me.

On Sunday, my power went out for four hours. The temperature outside was in the teens. So my house was creeping into becoming cold. My greatest fear with my house is the pipes bursting/freezing. I took all the precautions to make sure that THAT wouldn’t happen. But since the temperature was lowering fairly quickly I went to each window and making sure the blinds were completely closed and covered to trap heat, making my house a dungeon. My plan on Sunday, since it was friend weekend, was to get a majority of my cleaning done that day. Well, couldn’t vacuum, need power to do that. And cleaning in the dark is not very helpful either. This week I’m hustling to get my house ready for this party on Friday. And I’ll get to see all my friends and have a fun night of just hanging out, drinking, and playing games. But overall my house looks alright and is presentable for people coming over as is. But being the “perfectionist” I am (I use this loosely, I’m more anal than perfectionist…) I have some stuff that I want to do. Like cleaning rugs, pillows, blankets, bedding for the guest room. I just want to be able on Friday to come home from work and get food ready and that’s it. We shall see if that will actually happen.

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