Party Menu!

I adore throwing parties. I like all the little details on things…which is why a theme party is my jam!

On Memorial Day, I threw my birthday party as a It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia party. I had a picture of an ostrich with a caption to “Take A Selfie With Dee”. I printed out certificates of everyone that RSVPed that proclaimed they didn’t have donkey brains. I dressed up like Charlie (black horse shirt, long johns tucked into tube socks), which I encouraged others to dress up. I put ghouls around the house for people to find and take home, as well as eggs with tattoos inside (for Frank’s EGG and Mac’s sweet tats). The food was incredible. I made spaghetti and put them in plastic sandwich bags. There were burger sliders called “Little Big Macs” with Big Mac sauce. Queso was called copious amounts of cheese. I made Philly cheese steaks calling them Milk Steak Sandwiches. And of course, jelly beans.

The party I’m having on Friday is themed Christmas/Mustache. And you would think that I would be all over that. But the best part of a mustache party is that you do everything normal. Nothing too over the top. It’s a great ice breaker especially with new people.

So Friday I’m planning on making little smokies, queso, pizza dip, little pigs in a blanket, chips and salsa, taquitos and pizza rolls. It sounds like a lot, and it really is. But if everyone that RSVPed shows up it’s possible that my tiny ass house will be filled with 25 people. And for the most part, most of the food gets eaten. I’m not worried about the quantity.

I think the thing I’m most excited about is to show my boyfriend my kind of party I throw. I’m excited and curious to see what he thinks.


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